Publication of the EUROPTT book!

We are pleased to present our collective work Conflict in Cooperation. Crossborder Infrastructures in Europe Facing the Second World War, published by Nomos. This book brings the EUROPTT project to a close, and sets out the main conclusions of several years’ research.

This volume deals with cross-border infrastructural cooperation during the Second World War. It compares the development of postal services, telecommunications, railroads and shipping and places the results in the context of long-term developments in European integration. This calls into question the previously dominant thesis of the Second World War as a turning point in international cooperation. At the same time, it is shown that cross-border initiatives were undertaken not only despite the war, but sometimes precisely because of it. The individual contributions thus also contribute to the debate on the “New Europe”. With contributions by Valentine Aldebert, Claire Aslangul-Rallo, Julia Eichenberg, Pascal Griset, Christian Henrich-Franke, Jiří Janáč, Léonard Laborie, Martinal Libera, Sabrina Proschmann and Guido Thiemeyer.

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Sabrina Proschmann (2024, 18 janvier). Publication of the EUROPTT book! The most hidden integration. Consulté le 22 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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