Coming together: The Tensions of Europe conference in Luxemburg

At this year’s Tensions of Europe conference, we had the opportunity to present our progress in our research together. Two presentations on a similar topic – this meant very intensive preparation so that we would be able to develop two matching presentations.  

We were very happy that many people visited our panel; almost as much as we were nervous. Valentine presented first and laid out the scope of our project and research. She then focused on power asymmetries and scientific diplomacies as important factor not just for telecommunications but also for postal services. Sabrina then went into the ways in which different national postal administrations used the European Postal and Telecommunications Union for different purposed. For instance, the French administration tried to use the possibility of an entry to renegotiate the demarcation line in the sense that the line should become easier to pass for communication purposes.

The audience asked many questions. For example, the power differences in symbolic and technical aspects were mentioned, the national differences underlined and the role of the union during the war sparked vivid interest. In sum, we were very happy how the panel went and we are looking forward to our next conference in September in Warsaw.


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Sabrina Proschmann (2019, 29 août). Coming together: The Tensions of Europe conference in Luxemburg. The most hidden integration. Consulté le 22 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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