First conferences – Paris and Sarajevo

Within one month, I had the opportunity to go to two very different conferences. In Paris, the 15th HEIRS (History of European Integration Reasearch Society) conference dealt with the role of experts on the (de)legitimization of European politics. My presentation was on European postal experts and European integration processes. It was entitled “Building a European Postal Area – The Runaway Technocrats?” As the title suggested, it is not a story of “easy” European Integration but one where especially some experts in the national postal administrations opposed it.

The second conference took place in Sarajevo. Organized by the Research Committee 14 (Politics and Ethnicity) of the International Political Science Association the link to our research project is not necessarily evident. However, my contribution on experts and the presentation of their expertise as apolitical made it into a panel.

All in all, it was very interesting to get feedback on Valentine’s and my thoughts and hypothesis. From my point of view, it was very beneficial to get input from historians and political scientists as they pointed out different aspects of the field. The task of narrowing down our research questions did definitely not become easier this way.

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